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The fear of falling which choreographer Kitsou Dubois states 'is ingrained in the memory of the body' and the simultaneously commonly shared dream of being able to fly led me to the idea that the distinction between the two terms 'falling' and 'flying' can be so small that the two (usually opposite) movements or feelings become the same.

'Falling' and 'flying' are usually opposites in that 'falling' is a rapid downward movement without control (a risk, violent etc) whereas 'flying' is a movement through the air under control (exhilarating, romantic etc). The project researches how contemporary dance might represent and/or connect the contrasting movements 'falling' and 'flying' in a (digital) motion capture video.

Situated within interactive performance, the project seeks to enhance the viewer's experience allowing at times a solo dance to become a duet between the digitized dancer and the viewer. There will be a prop in form of the dancer's real dress, which the viewer has to lift off the ground in order to instigate the dance and raise the dancer. The project explores how the fusion of current interactive technology and dance-motion capture can create an aesthetically sophisticated and physically and psychologically stimulating interactive 'dance-viewer' or 'dance-user' environment.